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Hello - from the CEOs!

Hello pretty girls! Jac and Lane here. We just want to say thank you so much for making our dream a reality by shopping on our site. Now...we hope you find something you never want to take off!

You're probably wondering what can you expect for the Jac and Lane brand? Well here are a few insiders.. 

1. And vs &

You can write Jac "and" Lane or Jac "&" Lane. We don't have a preference. Seriously, whichever way you prefer. (As long as your tagging the correct handles!).

2. Flaunt It Girls 

Our apparel is designed and created to make you smirk, smile, and laugh. Whether you can't live without our 'Messy Bun and Weekend Fun' perfect with leggings sweatshirt or our 'Friyay + Rose' T to get you through the week, we hope you rock it!

3. Be Social 

When wearing a Jac and Lane shirt, make sure you gram it, snap it, Facebook it, and tag us!! 

4. Sharing is Caring

Share your opinions with us! We're here for you. We want to know what you like, what you don't like, and what you want to see. Feel free to email us at or comment and tweet at us! We promise to answer!


Especially in Jac and Lane.


Jac and Lane 



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